Let Bobsweep Handle the Tedious Task for You While You Enjoy a Spare Time for Other Activities

November 2, 2018


Cleaning our home using vacuum cleaner and mopping the floors can be a time consuming task that often eats up our day. With other equally important tasks, we often say that if only we have the time to spare. Now with the introduction of an intelligent robotic vacuum and mop; that much needed spare time can become a reality.

What is a Bobsweep?

Bobsweep is the manufacturer of the Bobsweep robotic vacuum cleaner that can do the vacuuming for us. It can likewise do the mopping and stain removal activities. It was originally meant to pick up pets hair but based on its capabilities it can do all those things on its own. Meaning there is no human intervention, the vacuum will just follow what you have set it to do. In case this vacuum runs out of charge, it returns back to its station to recharge itself.

What makes this product surpass other products of the same specs?

The fact that this product has three available modes to choose from gives the user the ease in cleaning. It can do the complete cleaning which normally takes around 75 minutes to complete based on a regular size room.  Bobsweep can do the vacuuming and mopping for you. It is specifically designed to fit under cabinets, couches and beds while its side brush is positioned at the right angle to reach room corner.


There is no point going through the tedious task of vacuuming since Bobsweep can handle the task for you. Instead, now that you have the free time, you can even go into a real exercise to keep you fit. Before you consider the vacuuming activity as your exercise, but the fact is, it was not an exercise since it strains your back and joints while handling that big bulky machine. Now this robotic vacuum is saving you the time to get into the right gear for a fit you.

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