Factors To Consider When Buying Rugs For The First Time

January 10, 2019

If you’ve finally decided that you need rugs for your home, then comes the question of what kind you should be buying. It can be hard to pick out one just based from what they look, you need to make sure that the carpets will work for you.


It takes a matter of knowing what your home needs and what kind of rugs will work with the space that you plan on putting them in. It also matters that the carpets are able to take the foot traffic that will be happening in the spaces that you will place them in.

How Do You Know If The Carpet Is Right For You?


You should always look into the spaces that you will use the carpets on. How much foot traffic happens there? What materials should you go for? What is the size of the carpet that you need? What kind of construction and pile eight or even thickness do you need?


The material is also another thing to consider. There are wool carpets that are soft, long lasting and they are also very resilient. They naturally repel stains and can also be cleaned easily. Viscose is a rayon-like type of fiber and it comes from wood pulp that mimics silk. This is usually blended with wool in order to add more shine and luster.


Nylon is another popular carpet material. This is because it is affordable, durable and also shed-resistant. The material is best for areas with high foot traffic. Jute and Sisal are also natural fibers that are used for carpets. They are quite sturdy and also a good option for areas with high foot traffic.


Looking Through The Construction Of The Carpets


Carpets are woven or tufted. You also need to consider how deep the pile is to be able to choose the best carpet for the area you will use it in. There are shag carpets that have thick and deep piles which are great for the living room or the bedroom. Then you have tufted companies which can be looped and they are among the most durable constructions that you can find.


Hand-knotted ones are crafted intricately wherein the yarns are hand-knotted on a loom. This is the traditional Persian or oriental carpets have been made before. They are very durable and also labor-intensive.

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