Bespoke Wedding Rings from Elegant Gems Gives Tips to Grooms

October 7, 2018

The ring of a lifetime

Wedding rings are meant to be worn daily for life. That is why it is important that it should be sturdy to withstand daily wear. If you think you have save on the rings that have thinner bottom part. Such saving will just be put to waste when the ring starts to go off shape with slight pressures. Learn more about bespoke wedding rings from Elegant Gems.

Tips when buying

  • There is no rule that says your wedding rings should match, though it is the common practice. Often the bride and the groom have different taste in jewelry so, if you cannot decide on one common design, work out something different but have a hint of similarity altogether. There are designs that have more stones for the brides’ ring while the grooms ring could just be plain.
  • Though it is by tradition that the bride does the buying of the wedding rings, it is still best to do it together. If you cannot decide as a couple for a wedding ring alone, what will happen when you have something important to decide together? This is your first chance to agree on something as important as a wedding ring.
  • Family heirloom can still follow your preferences. There are many jewelers who can handle resizing and renovating jewelries. It could be just the perfect ring for both of you with a sentimental touch.
  • Always consider your daily tasks at work and the hobbies you enjoy, ask around if the metal that you have considered is just right for the activities that you normally do.


Wedding rings must be ordered at least six months before the wedding day to allow more time for adjustments and changes. Learn more from the expert at bespoke wedding rings from Elegant Gems. Never forget it or consider this for last minute buying. It should also take precedence because as it is, it is a focal item in your wedding and is something irreplaceable too.

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